"Afflictions" is a catch-all term for any lasting effects an attack might leave on a creature. They may either last one round or forever, one of two categories - good and bad.

Some spells and ablilities might act to remove a particular affliction, while others might act on good or bad ones collectively.

Remember that any creatureon to a regen tile will have have all bad afflictions cured instantly.

There are currectly 10 afflictions in the game.

Good AfflictionsEdit


Regen is usually applied as an activated ability from a nearby friendly Monster. Once a creature is afflicted with Regen It will gain +1 health durring each of its owners upkeep phases, for as long as the affliction remains


A creature afflicted with mighty gains a +2 attack boost. This affect is permenent for as long as the affliction remains.


Berserk can be a game changer, usually self afflicted as an activated ability. A creature with Berserk gains a +5 attack boost but all incoming attacks on it get +2 attack. This effect is permenent as long as the affliction remains.

(Ice Block)

A creature that has Ice Block is not targetable by attacks or other abilities, and the creature trapped within takes no damage. This effect wears off after it's owners' next - but - one upkeep.

(Magic Shield) 

A magic shield is usually generated by a nearby monsters' activated ability. The shield will completely absorb the next incomming attack which then causes it to dissapate.

Bad AfflictionsEdit


A creature afflicted with Vengeance will see a dagger above it's head. When this creature next attacks the dagger will fall causing it -5 health.

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