There are fifteen Races of in Combat Monsters, each with their own Passive Ability.  [1]


  1. Cyclops:  All Cyclops get +2 attack each time any friendly Monster dies.
  2. Dwarves: All Dwarves get +2 attack each time they are attacked but not killed.
  3. Elementals: All Elementals get +1 attack and +1 health each time you play a spell.
  4. Elves: All Elves get +2 health while their controller has no other races in play.
  5. Golem: All Golems +3 health each time their controller plays a rune.
  6. Humans: All humans get +1 attack for each other friendly Monster stood next to them.
  7. Imps: During upkeep All Imps get +2 health instead of -1 if afflicted with flame.
  8. Lizards: All Lizards get +2 attack when they kill a creature.
  9. Minotaurs: All Minotaurs get +1 attack and +1 health each time they gain some equipment.
  10. Orcs: All get +1 attack for each other friendly Orc in play.
  11. Robots: All Robots get protection from all afflictions.
  12. Spectrals: Spectrals cannot be equipped, but take no damage from basic attacks with default weapons.
  13. Werewolves: All Werewolves get +3 health each time they kill an enemy creature.
  14. Zombies: All Zombies get +1 health each time any creature dies.
  15. Skeleton: All Skeletons start with shield+3 but get shield-1 for each equipment.