- Rune Smash (4), Sly Rune Smash (6): most effective, but unless you break lots at a time they might just pull out more; also takes up a lot of valuable deck space - Vim (4), Vigor (6), Stand Fast (6): turns your opponent's asset into a liability, but extremely vulnerable to Sly Rune Smash - Play elves (+2 HP if only race) or other high-HP monsters, especially werewolves and zombies (which gain HP on kills): probably a better general strategy, although expensive and slower to play, and unless you have only these types of monsters they might not even get drawn (also, a board with tons of rune slots may still get your creatures overwhelmed if the opponent has 4 Virus and 4 YinYang); another issue is that the vast majority of high HP monsters are warriors, which can sometimes get shut down against ranged units - play on a board with very few rune slots: you have no control over this, but it's 100% effective